Part creative, part problem-solver, part lush.
I love my city, I was raised here after all. Perhaps it’s my love for gray that has kept me here over the years—or ­­it could just be that Seattle is amazing place to live, design and experience magical things.
Just recently I was able to (finally) scratch “ride the Ducks” of the bucket list.
Having fun and staying young is considered a core value.
Between designing and riding ducks, I roller skate, crockpot, and sing to myself regularly.
I eagerly support the cliché; doing what you love and loving what you do is key.
Loving design since 2004.

You may need one or more of the follow...

logo design
stationary design
business card design
website design
email campaigns
promotional materials
Powerpoint presentations
poster, banner, sign design
web ads
print ads
t-shirt design
environmental design

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